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Hisako "Lisa" Muramatsu

"Passionate about your home?  So are we!"

Home is a special place to unwind, recharge and make memories with your family and friends.  It is the place where your heart is.  If you are looking for your next home, I would like to be there for you. 

Ready to plunge into the market?   The housing affordability index is at all time high.  With lower property prices combined with lowest interest rates in 50 years, it is an ideal time to purchase. 

With a proven team of agents along with mortgage brokers, inspectors and escrow officers, we make it happen for you.   We help you navigate the purchase process.  

Rule No. 1:  House hunting is exciting and fun!  

House hunting should be fun and exciting, not frustrating, inefficient or a nightmare:  we preselect and prequalify homes for you.  We speak to seller's agents, make sure a home meets your criteria, and find out if a property requires something out of the ordinary, like need all-cash offer.   Condition of the house?  Anything peculiar about the house?   Is a home in short sale or about to go to short sale?   Is it bank-owned?   We do a lot of the worrying in advance for you so you don't have to. 

Rule No. 2:  Clients get questions answered pronto!

You as a buyer should have lots of questions:  about properties, cost of repair, loans, and escrow process.  We have the answers for you ourselves, or we make it easy for you to get them.   We have a proven group of professionals at a finger tip,  from inspectors, escrow officers, to bankers and contractors so you don't waste time.  Save your time and energy for things that are more deserving.  

What is the difference between "REO" and short sale?

REO ("real estate owned") is a bank owned property.  A home owner defaulted on a loan and was subsequently foreclosed by the bank.  Purchasing an REO generally involves a normal escrow period, which these days is 49 days on the average.  REO is different from a normal transaction in that banks loathe to, or unable to, give normal disclosures to prospective buyers.  For instance, a bank may not know the real condition of the property, so that it becomes very important for you to do a thorough inspection and investigation.

Short sale?  Well, it should be called a "long" sale if you are talking about the average length of time needed to get into a short sale property.  Even though these short sale properties are still owned by individual sellers, it is the bank holding the mortgage that gives a real approval for the offer.  Since they must take a loss on the loan on the property, there may be a long negotiation process ahead of you.  

We pre-investigate short sale property for you:
-Is the listing agent experienced enough?  
-Seller's agent has enough resources lined up to successfully conclude the transaction?
-Are there accepted offers already? 
-What is the status of the seller's documents for submission to the bank? 
-Status of the negotiation with the bank? 
-Already have the negotiator assigned at the bank(s)? 
-How much is owed on the property? 
-Any buyer contribution (above and beyond the purchase price) required?
-Seller's agent experienced with the particular bank/negotiator? 

Regarding Financing:Wondering if you can afford that house you've been eyeing?  Please take advantage of confidential, obligation-free consultation with one of my recommended mortgage brokers.  I only recommend those that I have used personally or have received the highest marks from past clients.

Recent statistics tell us not all the markets are buyers' market. 
Westwood, Mar Vista, and Culver City are actually sellers' market (single family homes).  

Months of supply in:
Westwood  1.7
Mar Vista    2.1
Culver City  2.3

In Culver City, at the rate the buyers are buying now, and no other homes came on the market, it takes only 2.3 months to exhaust the supply of homes!  Is your home in sellers' market or buyers' market.  Let's figure it out and find the best way to market your house.  

Distressed home owners:

You must know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I cannot stress enough to you.  You are not alone.  Help is here.  But you must make that call!!!  Call me at 310-869-7159.  The only thing you have to say is " I need help."  We take it from there.

Rule No. 1: You will know that you have options
We don't make a hard sell.  We don't force you to do anything.  We come from a place of compassion.  Good, hard-working people fall on hard times.  
Some of the options you have are: 

-loan modification
-debt consolidation
-short sale
-bankruptcy, and others

Wouldn't you like to be freed from you big loan(s)?  Get out of the property that is not worth the loan! 

Should you decide that a short sale is for you, you will be happy to know we are certified specialists.  We have a dedicated team of experienced agents who handle short sales day in and day out.  We plead your case with your lender so you can get out of your loans.  Our negotiators start calling the east coast at 5am to negotiate with banks so you don't have to. 

You have a foreclosure date?

You want to sell your home, but you have an auction date?  Call us anyways.  What have you got to lose?  We have stopped properties from going to auctions at the last minute.  The truth remains that the longer you wait, the less we can help you.  Please let us help you help yourself. 

After you have had the chance to review this information, contact me so we can tell you more about how we can help.

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